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Week 16: Final

Throughout this course, I have learned the importance of social media for my baking business. I have had an online presence before, but after this course, there were a lot more tools I put to use that have enriched my online business and have grown more while utilizing those tools that Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have to offer. One of the main tools I have put to use is advertising and connecting more with my clients/followers by posting daily on my story, open-ended questions, and connecting with other businesses in the area.  Facebook has been a great source to schedule out my week, I love the scheduling feature it really comes in handy for when I don't have time to post them during the week. I also enjoyed creating my monthly newsletter, I find that really fun creating different fun emails to send out. During the pandemic, the online business grew and became more in demand due to most storefronts being closed therefore everyone took their business to small online shops, thi

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